I have traveled to Fukushima this year and the last year. Based on my observation, the heartbreaking fact is that people living in temporary housing have a very slim chance of returning to their own home.
The issue of the radioactivity is more serious than we think. However, people in Fukushima have been moving forward with their best, trying to get back where they used to be.

No one knows how long the reconstruction will take. Play For Japan will continue to cheer for the disaster areas through supporting the children with bright futures.
As time passes by, the 03/11/2011 disaster has been fading away from the mind of the people in Japan, and the volume of donation is becoming less and less. Please know that your support means a lot for the reconstruction of the affected areas. Even the $10 that you may spend on lunch can help us tremendously.

We are inviting middle schoolers from Nihonmatsu, Fukushima this year.
Please show your support by donating your $10 lunch money!
People of Fukushima natives, please give us hands to revive your hometown into a safe place to live again!

Method of payments: Checks or Wire transfers.

Organization: Play for Japan committee

◆ Checks ◆

Pay to the order: Play for Japan
Please mail checks to:
1820 W Carson street., Suite 223
Torrance, CA 90501

◆ Wire transfer ◆

Bank name: CHASE Bank
Account name: Play for Japan
Account #: 232587551
DBA: 322271627