1. Remembering the 03/11/2011 on a national-scale level
  2. Create a place where the children from Fukushima and all over Japan can sense a strong “bond” with one another.
  3. Give the Japanese children opportunities for a wide future vision through the intercultural exchange.

Vol.4 Play for Japan Game Schedule

A 3-day event in the holy place of baseball – Los Angeles, U.S.A.
A total of 8 teams (1 Tohoku teams, 1 All Japan team, and other qualified U.S. local teams)
will participate and promote interexchange among them through playing games, watching a Dodger game, luncheons, and etc.

August 26th (Tue) 27th (Wed) & 28th (Thu) 29th (Fri) 30th (Sat) 31st (Sun) September 1st (Mon)
Arrival in Los AngelesSightseeing of the city > Watch a Angels vs Miami Marlins game Free time with host families Tournament – Day 1 Tournament – Day 2 Tournament – Day 3 Departure to Japan


Play for Japan 2014 from Takuro Iwamoto on Vimeo.