2nd Play for Japan Event Information

I have heard that the Children who lost their parents in the East Japan great earthquake exceed 1100 persons.
Play For Japan would like to invite the children from Sendai (one of the disaster stricken city) to Los Angeles in hopes of expanding their dreams and possibilities. I would like to cheer on each children to follow their dreams and live a straight forward life.

I would like to give the children a chance to play with the U.S Middle School baseball team, and watch a major-league baseball game. All in hope to keep the dream of baseball alive in each child.

I truly believe the experience in the United States will guide the children towards various dreams.
I hope that this experience will give the children the first step towards their dreams.

Keep Mother's Hope Alive...

This was named by the thought of the children who suffered a great deal of damage.
In hopes that in each child's heart their eternal mothers thought lives forever.

Play for Japan would like to help the children obtain the first step to their dream of baseball. The USA baseball the children all came to love.
This time we would like to invite the children from Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi. 17children from Kesennuma middle school & 1 coach.

August 24 (Fri) After arrival, the children will be transported to Dodgers Stadium. They will be introduced at the opening ceremony as the "Miyagi All Stars" where they will be escorted to the field.
August 25 (Sat) In the morning, practice with WBC closer Akinori Otsuka. In the afternoon, hotel ballroom, there will be speaker who will talk about the disaster that struck japan.
If time allows we will do a BBQ (including the host family). Place TBA.
August 26 (Sun) Baseball match at Urban Youth Compton field. Door open at 11:30AM, Opening Ceremony at 12:30, Throw Ball by Otsuka.
At 1:00PM, Baseball game against Jr.USA Team. At 3:30PM, Baseball bame against Jr. Korean Team.
August 27 (Mon) Free time with host family.
August 28 (Tue) fight back to Japan.


Akinori OtsukaVideo message from Akinori Otsuka

Hello everyone, my name is Aki and I am the chairperson of Play for Japan.

Today, I went to San Diego to officially ask the 2006 WBC closer, Akinori Otsuka, to coach for the youth baseball team in which he gratefully accepted.

Otsuka gave us a video message for all young baseball enthusiasts in Sendai.
I also was able to enjoy spending time with Otsuka by playing catch with him and his son and listening to his playing days during dinner.

Currently, Otsuka is taking time out of Major League due to his right elbow injury, but he hasn't retired yet! He is secretly planning a major comeback while he carefully plans his daily training.
His comeback plan seemed foolish at first, but now it seems like a justified plan.
Sadly, I am unable to reveal his plans but I believe that his hunger towards baseball can change from impossible to possible.

I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful player with a strong mindset and technique to teach baseball to these children from Miyagi Prefecture. All those who come to the August 26, 2012 (Sunday) Play for Japan event are bound to be surprised and touched by the valiant player, Otsuka. He will most definitely give the children the courage and dream to become a baseball player.

Video message from touth baseball team of Miyagi >>

May 20, 2012